Why Bitcoin Is Imperative To People In The Global Economy - CoinAxis

Why Bitcoin Is Imperative To People In The Global Economy - CoinAxis

Why bitcoin is imperative to people in the global economy.

Most of us have been strongly affected by the housing & market collapse of 2008.  If you're like me you are still feeling the effects of the dotcom crash, earlier in the decade.  We've all heard the "reasons" for the collapse, well, as best the producers of the various news shows can muster.  There is nothing more frustrating than listening to Jim Cramer pimp the worst stocks, whilst slapping a control board full of sound effects & bright colored graphics...only to realize that some people are taking his advice and losing their hard-earned money.  But, I digress.

The one aspect I find frustrating with financial pundits and most economists today, is: they are basing their theories and calculations on a centrally controlled system.  When the global monetary system is essentially broken, it's difficult to predict market behavior.  Although, there is a long line of economists opining the status quo.  Rarely are they correct, yet they often editorialize and/or make policy for the rest of us.  



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Guest — Bitcoin enthusiast
I thought i was reading an old article. 10k bitcoins is already worth much more than 220k
Monday, 21 October 2013 20:35
Ahh nice catch. That was supposed to be $10,000 in bitcoin, not 10,000 bitcoin. Fixed!!
Monday, 21 October 2013 20:42
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